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Animal Healing Services

Discover Holistic Healing for Your Pet

Discover the holistic healing services offered at Caldwell-Energy for your furry friends. From Emotion Code and Reiki® to Animal Communication, we provide services to cater to all aspects of your pet's well-being. Give your loyal companion the gift of wellness and start your journey to improved quality of life today.

Animal Communication 

Animal Communication is a practice centered on understanding and exchanging information with animals on a deeper level. Animals will share thoughts, feelings, and images which bridge the gap between people and animals.  Animals communicate with subtle cues and energies. The goal is to enhance the bond between people and animals, fostering a greater understanding of their needs, emotions and perspectives.  Animal communication holds the potential to enrich the relationship we share with our pets.

Chakra Balancing 

We will balance your dog or cat's chakras individually using focus and a strong intention. We do this remotely so no matter where you are all you need is trust and faith. Both are key as you wait for the balancing to occur.

Emotion Code

Our Emotion Code for all animals offers targeted support for your pet's emotional well-being.  Through specialized techniques, we address issues such as anxiety and discomfort; promoting a happier and healthier life for your beloved companions.

Complete Animal Package 

Discover holistic pet care with our Complete Animal Package, featuring Chakra Balancing, Emotion Code, and Animal Communication. Enhance your pet's energy balance, release emotional blockages, and deepen your connection.

Afterlife Communication With Animals

When a precious pet has passed away, making contact with the pet in Spirit can bring peace to the owner. Many times the pet will share a special moment, favorite toy or food, or have a sweet message for people.

Lost Animal 

Having an animal missing is very stressful. Our goal is to attempt to make contact with the missing animal. 

Our process is to receive messages that may facilitate their return. 

Animal  Reiki® Master Practitioner  

Animal Reiki® is a holistic practice that works on a lower vibrational energy that may offer positive energy to promote relaxation, balance, support and healing to all animals. This noninvasive approach aims to address physical, emotional and energetic imbalances in animals. Animal Reiki® can foster a peaceful and harmonious state, support the natural healing abilities of an animal, enhancing their overall quality of life. 

Services We Provide for Your Pet

Animals have nine major chakras in their body. These main energy centers play a crucial role in maintaining an animal’s over all well-being, influencing their physical and emotional health promoting holistic health. 

Having an animal’s chakras cleared and balanced can be a valuable compliment to conventional veterinarian care, aiming to enhance the vitality and harmony of our animal companions. 

Animal services:

An initial 30 minute free consultation is suggested to determine which services may help support your fur baby.


Discounts are applied for bundled services, if multiple pets are in the same home receiving these services. All services offered can be done remotely with a detailed report sent to the individual’s preferred way of communication.

About Animal Chakras

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